The Brandon Hein Project: A Film About Art and Prison

Brandon Hein

Brandon Hein

Eagle & Bull Productions is currently in the production stage of a documentary about art’s positive influence on prisoners. The documentary profilies the artwork of Brandon Hein, a prisoner locked away for life in California for a murder he did not commit.

Hein was sentenced to life in prison for murder in 1996 for a murder he did not commit. On the night of the murder, Hein was with a group of friends when a fight broke out. One of his friends killed someone in that fight, but because he was present, Brandon was convicted of murder under the Felony Murder Rule.

Hein has been in prison for over 19 years and his family has exhausted all appeals. While it is difficult for him to maintain a positive outlook, Hein has directed his frustration in a positive direction: He has become an artist. It is his goal to help other prisoners achieve the same comfort in art.

Please take a moment to view and share the Kickstarter campaign for this project, as well as watch the video clip below:


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