Sexual Abuse in U.S. Prisons

The following map and infographics take a closer look at sexual abuse in U.S. prisons.

States with the Highest and Lowest Rates of Sexual Abuse in Youth Facilities
(Infographic by Just Detention International)


Percent of Inmates Reporting on Inmate Sexual Abuse sexual abuse in prison


Youth and Sexual Abuse in Detention: Did You Know? 
1 in 9 youth sex. abused in prison


One thought on “Sexual Abuse in U.S. Prisons

  1. Hello im in Albuquerque nm i want to stRt a peaceful protestabout women getting raped in prison men getting raped in prison and the state prison not doing nothing about it I am currently a victim a prison rape and I would like to make this public and possibly start a peaceful protest in Albuquerque New Mexico to get this out in the news in the media and the public will you to this really addressed so we can work on putting a stop for it

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