A Call to Prisoners’ Rights Warriors: Fighting the Burnout

A Call to Prisoner Activists: Fighting the Burnout

Engaging in work that seeks to improve some aspect of the lives of others, society or a particular area of society is healthy on many levels. Aside from lending yourself to a particular cause, this type of work enable individuals to get out of their own heads, the benefits of which are countless. Despite this, avoiding burnout is no small feat after going at the daily grind for months or years.

The Inhumanity of How We Incarcerate

The Inhumanity of How We Incarcerate

North Carolina man Anthony Michael Kerr’s, who died of dehydration in solitary confinement, is only the latest horrifying story we’ve heard in recent months. You may recall Darren Rainey, the mentally ill Florida inmate whose skin was boiled off his bones when guards locked him in a scalding shower as a punishment. Former employees later alleged that staff at that Dade County facility made a “sport” of brutalizing the mentally ill. Or Jerome Murdough, who died of heat exposure after left unattended for hours in a cell in a Rikers unit for mentally ill patients. This, despite the fact that prison officials knew a heating unit malfunction had raised the temperature in those cells to dangerously high levels. Or Christopher Lopez, a schizophrenic man in Colorado who suffered two seizures and died on the concrete floor of a prison cell while guards allegedly mocked and laughed at him. Prison officials waited a year and a half before bothering to report his death.

Emergency Response Network

Action Alert: Emergency Response Network Alert: Help Stop Censorship in California Prisons by the CDCR

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) – @CACorrections on Twitter – has proposed extensive new censorship regulations for both incoming and outgoing prison mail. According to the CDCR’s notice: You are receiving this Notice because you provided comments or expressed an interest in receiving notice of changes to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation amendments…

CA Prisoner Reps Say: All People Have the Right to Humane Treatment with Dignity

Originally posted on Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity:
http://sfbayview.com/2014/10/california-prisoner-representatives-all-people-have-the-right-to-humane-treatment-with-dignity/ October 2, 2014 Main reps mark the 1st anniversary of suspension of the 2013 Hunger Strike and the 2nd anniversary of the Agreement to End Hostilities We expect to hear soon from Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa, the fourth of the main reps in the Pelican Bay SHU Short…

Automatic Solitary Confinement for Prisoners Held on Virginia’s Death Row

Virginia’s practice of automatically holding people held on Virginia death row in solitary confinement will be reviewed by a federal appeals court. Experts claim that the case could have an impact beyond just the state of Virginia. The Daily Press opens its story on the subject with the controversial question: “Should prisoners in Virginia sentenced to…

Pope Francis Denounces Solitary Confinement, Calls for Prison Conditions That “Respect Human Dignity”

Pope Francis Denounces Solitary Confinement, Calls for Prison Conditions That “Respect Human Dignity”

In a wide-ranging speech on Thursday, Pope Francis revealed himself as a passionate criminal justice reformer. His words also suggest that he is familiar with the controversies surrounding solitary confinement and supermax prisons, and strongly opposes their use. Speaking at the Vatican to representatives of the International Association of Penal Law, the Pope said: “All Christians and people…

Mental illness and prisons

A Psychotic Episode Shouldn’t End in a Jail Cell

The following blog post, entitled “A Psychotic Episode Shouldn’t End in a Jail Cell,” on mental health services in this country comes from the ACLU. The post underscores that the state of mental health care in this country has failed on all fronts, noting that we use prisons and jails in place of treatment facilities…

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

Corcoran SHU Prisoners Start Hunger Strike for Decent Healthcare

From Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity: Corcoran Hunger Strike On Friday, Sept. 26, 2014, three men locked inside unit 4B-1L of the Secure Housing Unit (SHU) of California State Prison-Corcoran started a hunger strike: Heshima Denham (J-38283), followed on Sept. 27 by Michael Zaharibu Dorrough (D-83611). Kambui Robinson (C-82830) will join them the following day for…

Reporting Human Rights Violations: A How-to Guide for Prisoners

Reporting Human Rights Violations: A How-to Guide for Prisoners

The following guide, published by the Human Rights Coalition, offers guidelines for prisoners on reporting human rights violations. The method described is simple, requiring documentation, intervention, and movement-building: [W]e learn the truth by gathering evidence (documentation); we take action according to the urgency of the situation and our capacity to move people (intervention); and we bring others…

Decarcerate PA

Tomorrow: Rally in Harrisburg, PA, to demand a meaningful commutation process for people in prison

The following comes from an email update sent out today by Decarcerate PA: Join us tomorrow at the Capitol in Harrisburg at 12:00pm to demand a better commutation process for people serving life in prison. On Thursday, August 28th, the Women and Trans Prisoner Defense Committee and Decarcerate PA will hold a press conference on…

A Beginning Resource Packet for California Prisoners’ Advocates

This resource packet for California prisoners’ advocates (researched and edited by members of the Pledge of Resistance and Human Rights Pen Pal Programs, projects of the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition) comes from the website of Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity. According to PHSS: This packet is intended to be a resource to help folks involved in…