Lawmakers in Nebraska Plan for Legislative Session on Prison Reform

With the next legislative session approaching, lawmakers in Nebraska are ready to get to work on prison reform.

The following comes from KLKN-TV:

As the next legislative session approaches, lawmakers are ready to get to work with health care, tax modernization and prison reform… This session only lasts 60 days, which means there’s a lot of work to do in a short amount of time.

Right now, Nebraska’s prisons have reached at least 150 percent capacity and there are 11 more prisoners coming in every month than there are being released.

“It’s kind of a dangerous situation, it’s dangerous for people who work in our correctional system, it’s dangerous for the community, it’s dangerous for the inmates themselves,” [state senator Colby] Coash said.

A new prison, more release programs and possibly adjusting the Good Time Law have been discussed. The problem is, all of this costs money, but some say keeping the prisons the way they are, is also costing a pretty penny.

“From a budgetary point of view, we really do need to review sentencing and reform. Let’s make sure we do prison reform right,” Lincoln Chamber of Commerce member Bruce Bohrer said.

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