Action Alert: Support California Prison Hunger Strikers

California prison hunger strike, Pelican Bay, solitary confinement

The The Stop Mass Incarceration Network is calling for a day of support for the California prison hunger strikers on Friday, July 19. Details follow.

Stop Prison Torture!

Tens of thousands people held in horrible conditions in U.S. prisons have gone on hunger strike to say NO MORE to torture.  These prisoners have put their health and lives on the line to assert their humanity and call for an end to long term solitary confinement and other abuses.  We must respond to their heroic stand by finding our own humanity and standing with them in this fight for justice.

Take Action!

As part of doing this, the Stop Mass Incarceration Network (SMIN) is calling for a Day of National Action in Solidarity With the Prisoner Hunger Strike on Friday, July 19th – day 12 of the hunger strike.

On July 19, people and organizations everywhere need to take to the streets, hold speak outs and rallies, sign banners and statements, hold public programs, organize massive outreach on social media-in every way possible manifest their support for the people in prison who have put their lives on the line to end torture in prison.  

Inhumane Prison Conditions

Look at the horrors (tens of thousands) of people in long term solitary confinement are forced to endure:

  • Held in small, windowless and sometimes soundproof cells for 22 and more hours every day
  • Placed in solitary arbitrarily with no channels to challenge the decision to put them there
  • Denied human contact for weeks, months and even years at a time
  • Held in these conditions indefinitely

View the entire post on the Stop Mass Incarceration Network website.


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