New Writing from Shaka Shakur, Indiana Prisoner

Moorbey'z Blog

Hello Friends. I’m writing to share with you a new resource put together
by long-term Indiana prisoner Shaka Shakur. Shaka, as some of you may know,
has been in the past a prolific writer and outspoken advocate for struggle
against the prison system. Recently he began writing again, mostly
pertaining to his conditions of isolation and the traumatic effects
long-term segregation has on a person.

The piece that I’m sharing with you all today, however, is something that
we requested he write for us, to be used as an educational tool. There are
an ever growing number of prisoners in Indiana on Administrative
Segregation, a nebulous and confusing political classification meant to
isolate politically active prisoners. Anyways, this piece is a simple,
concise description and short analysis of administrative segregation in
Indiana. I’m sharing it because I thought it might be of some use to you
all in explaining similar…

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