Poetry from Prison: “Rare Breed”

September 7, 2011 | by Derek Lindsay | Originally posted on voicesfromthecracks


Rare Breed

When someone asks me, “what happened?”

Their like, “you know, with that or this.”
I say “oh, I didn’t tell you?

Because, it’s none of your business”!
Want to know how to find out if someone’s real?
I’ve got a suggestion, that’s quite ideal.
It’s a plan to be signed, stamped, and sealed.
To set yourself straight, through this whole ordeal.
When asked to do a solid for a supposed friend.
You come to find out, he stabs you in the back in the end.
Because, no matter what, everytime.
He’s the first, to drop a dime.
Ones true colors, come shining through.
Still you remain, as always, old school.
Facing the consiquences, like a real man.
And come to truly understand.
That you alone, were caught commiting the crime.
And you alone, shall serve the time.
Don’t take someone else down with you.
And remember to always remain true.
Keep it in mind, as you walk these streets.
We’re hard to find, this rare breed.

Written By: Derek Lindsay
Maine State Prison

View the poem on voicesfromthecracks.


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