Utah’s Supermax: House of Horrors

A Solitary Torture

It has been over a year since I have had regular contact with men in this unit; my husband and I worked with prisoners here for 2 years trying to expose the abuses going on but made little progress, unfortunately. The day we got word that the warden of this prison had been promoted was just devastating. So many men risked so much in order to help us help them…it felt like the world imploded when the man responsible for the horrific abuses got rewarded for his inhumane actions. To read that things still have not changed…there just are no words…

For those who want to know more about what goes on in this unit, you can read this account that we recently posted: A Diary of Solitary

Via Solitary Watch

Prisoners at Utah State Prison, Draper’s supermax Uinta One facility have reported numerous abuses to Solitary Watch. The…

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